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Subnautica is an adventure game. The action takes place underwater or, to be more exact, on an alien ocean planet. Your character will be submerged into an open world packed with wonder and excitement. You had to land on this planet because of the crash, and you have no choice but go down to shallow coral reefs and further into the deep sea. Graphics are very nice, bright, detailed. Here you will find lava fields and underwater rivers. It is important to watch the oxygen level and provide its supply. You go to explore the environment with caves and kelp forests. This world is inhabited with various creatures. Some of them are ready to help while the others are very harmful. You should find water and food, collect resources and try to explore. 


This game makes you craft diving gear and create habitat modules. The more you do your best, the more advanced items you get. You will build bases for storage of resources and life replenishing oxygen supplies. It is required to choose components for it, layouts, and so on. There is something wrong with this planet and your crash. The main character will have to answer a range of questions. The sea life is infected. About the planet, some mysterious structures are built and ruined. Go ahead and investigate! You have suits which can be modified with mining drills and grappling hooks. A danger appears at night. This game is updated weekly or daily, you will get new achievements, improved features. Most events happen underwater but there are also two islands. To make the game more challenged, choose the next mode. In general, there are four of them: Survival, Freedom, Hardcode, and Creative modes. Each one speaks for oneself. Even within the most difficult one, a gun will not be offered. Main challenges are the maintenance of vital resources like oxygen and water, though Freedom and Creative do not include hunger and thirsty features.

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