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There are few video games that elevate the entertainment experience for the gamers by several notches. The Sims is one of such games. Developed by Electronic Arts, The Sims lets you create Sims (humans), control their lives, and explore various traits of their personalities.

With this popular simulation game, you get to play a god-like role. You can create Sims, buildings, and manage the whole of the city. As you create a Sim, you can choose from hairstyles, hair colors, outfits, accessories and oodles of other customization options. Also, right from the birth to death of a Sim, you get to see everything.

The USP of the game is the real-time functioning of all the activities. You can have more than one Sim in the game and make them undertake various activities. On the successful completion of every task, you get reward/lifestyle points and even the in-game currency. You can leverage these points or currency to unlock and purchase various things in the game.

Some of the latest games in the Sims series became more and more advanced owing to plenty of factors viz. super powerful game engines, new quests, challenges, storyline, online mode, etc. In all these recent installments of the series, you can undertake more tasks, purchase more items, and get to see unusual happenings in your surroundings. ‘The Sims Free to Play’ installment, for instance, is a free game in the series available on devices powered by Android. In its gameplay, player is involved in many new challenges and activities. Though the game is free, there are certain things that you can buy with real money. These purchased items further escalate the entire gaming experience.

Sims 4 is the recently released game in The Sims series. The game flaunts its superb 3D graphics in the game along with its color palette which is subtle and soothing. The intricate and detailed design of everything enriches the entire experience of playing the game. When it comes to the gameplay, the base remains the same.  However, there are certain new features that add freshness to the game. The build & buy feature, for instance, lets you purchase or build new items. There is a new currency called Simoleons that has been introduced in the game. There is also a gallery feature in the game which lets you import Sims and houses, which others have made, to your game. New clothing filter panel and gender expansion are some other features of the game.

Apart from the graphics and new features, it’s the sound effects that add to the replay value of the game. Explore new worlds, unique neighbourhoods, and various other entertainment venues as you dive into the gameplay of The Sims 4.

The Sims is available for PC, MAC, iOS, Android and even on the Console devices. The downloading of the game is a super easy task and so is its installation.

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