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TikTok is a video social network where users interact by creating and sharing short funny music videos. Formerly known as – popular karaoke app, it was completely changed to drive more interest to the platform. You get roughly 15 seconds to express yourself and get noticed. The most popular videos usually feature someone singing, lip-syncing, or doing comedy.

You can also participate in engaging challenges by finding them via popular hashtags. Challenges can be different from simple dances and tricks to “reactions” based on interactions with other users’ videos. TikTok motivates its users to be less of a spectator and more of a creator as it’s the fastest and easiest way to get featured and gain more followers.

The app provides a convenient user interface with lots of ways to edit video. You can slow it up, fast forward, add emojis, filters, and background songs. Once you’re happy with the result it can be posted not only on the platform itself but shared on other popular social networks as well.


  • Third-person RPG with similar mechanics to such giants as Dark Souls and Bloodborne from a renowned game developer.

  • The ability to resurrect the main character when he falls dead during the battle. This ability is limited however so you can’t resurrect yourself forever but it can be effectively used in order to fool your foes and unleash devastating attacks when they don’t expect it.

  • The deeper concept of death. The more you die in-game the more surrounding world is affected by Dragon Rot sickness. It will directly affect characters that you interact with in such a way that they may even refuse to contact you at all.

  • A spectacular combat system that successfully incorporates both sword arts and different prosthetic tools such as hooks or shuriken.

  • Possibility to choose strategy depending on your gaming style. You can either sneak around and quietly perform lethal attacks or go head-to-head on them with all the fury and fighting skills that you’ve got.

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