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World of Tanks Blitz is an online multiplayer game, where players should control the tanks and win matches. WoT Blitz was released on iOS and Android devices, but later it was created a game version for Windows and Mac OS platforms. Matches in World of Tanks Blitz are much faster than in original WoT game. One game cannot last longer than 7 minutes. Moreover, maps are smaller, and the number of players in the matches has also decreased. Only 14 players can now participate in the match (7vs7 players).

World of Tanks Blitz was released by Wargaming Group in 2014. More than 100 million users downloaded the game on their devices. Developers usually update the game and add new maps or other features. For example, the last update was released on August 2019. Developers provided players with a new map and cannons for some tanks.


World of Tanks Blitz graphical effects look old, comparing to games that were released in 2019. Nevertheless, the textures of the battle machines are nicely visible. You can see small details on tanks, but it may be uncomfortable to look at the buildings because textures may be a bit blurred. But thanks to this kind of graphics, you can download World of Tanks Blitz game even on weak devices.

Controls in World of Tanks Blitz are pretty simple and intuitive. Use the virtual joystick to control the tank (joystick is located at the left side of your screen), and the “shoot” icon to shoot. HP (health points) of your tank will be shown at the bottom of your screen. You will also see information about how much time left before the battle ends, and what tanks were eliminated. We recommend you to download World of Tanks Blitz. You will like it, especially if you are a fan of tank games. As a bonus, you can play with your friends against random strangers on the Internet. We hope this World of Tanks Blitz review was helpful.

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