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Xender is a handy app to possess in your smartphones for the easy transfer of data and files. Now, you can easily share and transfer data without any hassles or delay. This app has been considered the best for all your sharing needs across devices. It presents the users with the following advantages:

  • You can share any kind of data or file from any place at any time you wish.

  • Secure transfer of files over Wi-Fi

  • Play all kinds of videos and music according to your fancy.

  • You do not need a PC software installation or any of the hassles of a USB connection to transfer/share files anymore.

  • No mobile data usage required

  • It has 200 times the speed of a standard Bluetooth transfer.

  • It supports Windows, Android, iOS, Tizen, etc. for the transfer of files across different platforms.

  • You can share images with friends with a simple slide.

The best thing about this app is that it gets the work done in a hassle-free manner at a lightning fast speed. It also consists of an easy-to-use file manager to move, view or delete all the files or keep a backup copy if you require it. In addition to that, it supports more than two dozen languages such as Polish, Hindi, French, English, German, Spanish and Korean for global usage.

No wonder this app is used by over 500 million users and over 100 million files are transferred through this app worldwide on a daily basis!

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